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Places Of  Interest

Kek Lok Si

The Kek Lok Si Temple remains the largest Buddhist Temple complex in South East Asia. It stands majestic on a hill in Ayer Itam. Built in tiers, the temple culminates with the beautifully crafted ''Pagoda of  Ten Thousand Buddhas'' Taking more than 20 years to built, the temple is set against beautiful scenic surroundings. It features gardens, a turtle pond, shrines and beautiful sculptures

Penang Hill

Malaysia's first hill station, Penang Hill is 830 meters (2730ft)above sea level, visitors can ascend to the top by either hiking up or by the funicular railway which has been operational since 1922. Apart from the cool, refreshing climate and the fantastic view at the summit, visitors can also view the picturesque bungalow, a beautiful flower garden and a bird park. There are bungalows for rent and a hotel for those who want to stay for more than a day. Visitors can also indulge in refreshments and a snacks at a convenient tea kiosk located on top of the hill. There is a good walking track up the hill. It takes 4 hours to reach the top and is recommended only for the more energetic. The jungle trail begins at the 'moongate' at Jalan Air Terjun, approximately 300m from the Botanical Gardens entrance.

Penang Bridge

The Penang Bridge, which links Penang Island and the mainland was officially opened an September 15, 1988. This bridge has listed in the list of world longest bridge. The spectacularly beautiful bridge spans 13.5km across the channel, offering a beautiful view of the open sea, ships and the sprawling coastline.

Fort Cornwallis, Lebuh Light

The fort was built on the site of Francis Light's historic landing in 1786. Originally a wooden stockade, it was replaced by a concrete structure built by convict labor, in 1804. Today, an open-air amphitheater, a history gallery and a handicraft and souvenir center occupies the interior. It houses the famous Dutch canon presented to the Sultan of Johor by the Dutch and which finally found its way to Penang after being looted by the Portuguese.



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